Friday, 25 October 2013

pot woes (the non-smoking kind)

The day dawned when we decided that our precious gift wouldn't keep giving us precious gifts in her diaper every morning. (You have to admit that a pooped diaper is a helluva way to greet the day) So we ventured out on to the great potty-shopping trip. Already armed with well-meaning advice from the grandmothers (get one with a grip in front, so she can support herself; you haven't started potty -training YET? She'll be pooping herself till she is 20! and so on...) we headed to a fairly reliable kids store and asked for zer potty.

After wrinkling my nose at a rather twee duck shaped one, I hit upon (what in hindsight is proving to be one of my worst baby purchase decisions in the short run) a rather neat one. It is an all-singing version of the traditional potty and blares thusly every time K poos or pees into it... Hear and weep.


Ms Monkey modelling the potty
Supposedly the idea is to "reward" the baby with this noxious noise... It certainly does nothing much for me, especially at 6 a.m. But all of this is hindsight, which is ALWAYS 6/6
At the time I thought, "Oh, what a smart gizmo, especially since the seat can be lifted out and used on a regular WC for the kid later, and the unit converts into a bathroom footstool with the back folding down. It even has handholds on the side. I thought I was on to a good thing.
6 a.m.: potty inauguration. I sat and did my best impression of a constipated poo, grunting and scrunching my eyes, "K, baby, do this, see Ma?" It worked in a way.
A was busy video recording my grunts for posterity, that is, when he managed to hold the cam steady because he was laughing so hard. K looked mildly bewildered for a bit and then decided that this was all grand entertainment and kicked the potty in her version of applause. Of course, all of this resulted in a fantastic melange of sound at 6 in the morning: the potty started singing, I was still doing my best constipated pig grunts, A was rolling in laughter and K was kicking the potty and squealing in delight.
This continued for the next three-four days, till mercifully, we had drop-down.
Cheers to that :)

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