Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The saga of the bunny ears (in iambic pentameter)

Moonlit was the sky, and the babe asleep,
With hope in my heart, I approached the bed
She shifted and smiled, and snuggled in deep
Fondly, I leaned in - then my heart's ease fled

For there, in her sheets, lay the proof of pee
Dry covers on the side, Oh My, Oh Me!
The new mattress soaked, and the days wintry
The icing on my cake of misery

A wailing and gnashing of teeth arose
What manner of diapers are these? I shrieked
I spent good money, and stripped them - God knows
On pockets, AIOs, duos, I freaked

Organic wash cycles, essential oils
With vinegar for stripping, I did toil
I sun-dried, I ironed and smells did foil
And this, my reward, brought my blood to boil

No faint-heart, a solemn oath I did swear
I would crack this if it effing killed me
Disposables were not for her night wear
I would stand my ground firm, and fight not flee

So I asked around and then asked some more
The CD group helped and came to the fore
Hemp fitteds they said, I ordered four (ok - it was two but that doesn't rhyme, alright?)
They came by post and the packing I tore

I prepped and tried them as soon as may be
Alas and Alack, it was not to be
I tried again, with a pocket and plea 
It slipped in the night, left me all sniffly

This time, I thought, I would pull out all stops
Let the pee come, I would show it my chops
I stuffed the fitted into the pocket
With bunny ears out, it was a poppet

I added inserts, double snapped the ears
Fitted the legs and sent up a prayer
Slept and woke with a modicum of fear
Roved the whole bed with a slight manic air...

Hallelujah! I had won I had won!
My perfect all-night cloth diaper was here
It was bulky but good for a night run
I could finally sleep without any fear.


warning: this may not work for chubby babies

Step 1: Lay out your fitted with all inserts

Step 2: Add additional insert if desired

Step 3: Lay out any regular pocket diaper

Step 4: Stuff fitted WITH inserts INSIDE pocket aligning such that closing snaps of both fitted and pocket are on the same end and the closing snaps of the fitted are sticking out "Bunny Ears"

Step 5: Place diaper on baby after undoing riser snaps for ease. Snap fitted "ear" on to pocket.

Step 6: Overlap pocket snap on the fitted to snap ahead of fitted
Step 7: Repeat for other side

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