Thursday, 9 October 2014

Cognito Ego Sum... with apologies to Descartes

I think therefore I know I am...

... a nursing mum
- because when I get into the back seat of the car with my canine son who has just had a surgery and is responding to the fading anesthesia by hallucinating, howling and wriggling, PP asks, "are you going to nurse him to settle him down?"

... going to stop taking K to the movies
- because every time the heroine in a rather disastrous flick we watched, would take a shower (she took enough showers to officially qualify as a card-carrying member of the hyper-OCD club), K would joyfully yell, "Aunty nhaai-nhaai!" (Aunty is having a bath) for the edification of all the other movie-goers.

... a WAHM (work at home mum) 
- when I realise that it has actually been a full ten days since I stepped out of the house and grocery shopping becomes the highlight of my week. (Wow! I am going to buy masalas and veggies - yippee!)

- also when I am nursing during calls with K clambering onto my shoulder and trying to nurse upside down. I usually blame my internet provider for low speeds and refuse to do video calls. 

... a pet parent
 - when both my children want non-essential attention / petting at the same time and I mix up their names while yelling at them. 
 - when both my puppies scratch and knock at the bathroom door - the SECOND I walk into the loo for a 5-minute read / check mails on my phone (yes, that's the only place I get a modicum of peace these days.) 

...a toddler parent
- when a serious conversation with other adults in the family includes phrases like "daalu singh" (dal) "ot hai" (it's hot) "bye jaana hai" (going out) "ninny-noo-noo-ni" (sleepy)

...thinking politeness might just be overrated
when "pees" (please) becomes K's weapon of choice from her armoury of charm (which includes wrinkling her nose and grinning winsomely)

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