Monday, 27 July 2015

Best served cold - with apologies to Omar Sharif (RIP)

We must dream/
They say/
When we do/
"That's not fair"/
But we will/
And some day...

When K is an adult and driving me around, I am going to: yell in the back seat, struggle out of my seat belt; keep asking her where she is and say I want to come to her; demand food.

At nights (*evil anticipation*) I will wake her up with a yell and a tantrum and demand to be rocked and ask for... (well - alcohol should do it)

When she is working, I will sit on her laptop and send junk messages typed by my bum to her colleagues and business associates. I will also demand to be read to by throwing my book on her laptop. And when she has done that, I will demand it again, and again, and again and again.

I will take over the ENTIRE bed and kick both her and her partner at least five times in the night: attempted suffocation by lying on top of her is optional.

I will constantly demand different kinds of food - preferably something that is not in season and refuse it after it has been prepared.

I will strip and run outside and refuse to wear my clothes (OK - maybe not - this one is scary even for me) running around the house, giggling.

This one is dedicated to that "Some day" (like it says, with apologies to Omar Sharif and his most poignant role as Dr. Zhivago).

It's a JOKE, OK? Just a joke. I need something to make me laugh, lest I break down and howl at the moon along with poor Ghunghroo who is tired of parading up and down with her.

Some day my love
you will be all grown up
That day, my love 
 My revenge will start up

When you are asleep 
I shall nudge you in the face
While you work, my love

This angel shall fall from grace

Someday we'll face off, my love.
Someday whenever you're grown.

Then we shall reprise
Stories from long ago,
It shouldn't be a surprise,
That I say "I told you so".

Till you are grown, my sweet,
Enjoy your toddlerhood.
But when you grow up my love
Revenge will be mine some day.

Sweetest, my heart,
Will be the day you're a mum
That day my love
My life will be complete.


  1. Achcha hai.... my kids are now in their 20s... I will read this out to them.... :-)

    1. Wow! They've grown up, haven't they? Please do. I'd love to hear their reactions :D

  2. Loved reading this one:-)


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