Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Neck to neck

I'd say it's a losing battle - trying to force feed gender neutrality to a toddler. I have realised that the more I try and push it, the more she pushes back, till to my (well-hidden) despair, she announced (at all of 26 months) Mamma, I like pink, I don't like blue. 

I've no idea where that came from. And I'm not even going to try and find out. So I have let her be and even indulge her predilection for trying on jewellery. (I am ashamed to admit that my love for semi-precious stones and silver has led me to acquire a rather large stash of much-loved but rarely worn baubles.)

Things came to a head the other day when K wrecked a lovely turquoise necklace (bought for Dadi - grandma) by PP from a Royal Enfield biking trip to Ladakh. The subsequent scolding didn't seem to faze her too much beyond the initial couple of minutes and a few days ago, she proceeded to snap a favourite of mine - a lovely fluorite piece that I had made for myself some years ago.

The realization came to us that she wasn't going to quit raiding jewellery. For better or worse, she is currently a girly girl. So PP had a brainwave while I was out getting a desperately needed pedicure. 

He came back with a box tucked under his arm and proceeded to spend the afternoon busy with K.

Father and daughter were busy with loom bands - the craze among young girls today - and PP created a bracelet for K which she loved. I crocheted up a neck-piece that she could wear.

The downside is feeding this early obsession with jewellery. The upside? Hopefully she will grow out of it and hey - learning that things can be made at home rather than bought is good, n'est ce pas?

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